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Welcome to Soto

by Peter de Clercq

The outdoors connects, delights and enriches. Soto means 'outdoors' in Japanese. The name stands for stylish and functional barbecues and outdoor objects that create charming moments of togetherness. Barbecue king Peter De Clercq puts his 30 years of experience to use in putting together a unique range that unites all the good things of outdoor life. It is his ardent desire to bring people together in comfort around good food - and the accompanying aperitif, the right wine and the appropriate digestive - and beautiful objects. Soto transforms your outdoor space into an oasis of conviviality, cosiness and well-being. Soto is much more than a shop. It is an outdoor concept, aimed at spending time together, sharing experiences and relaxing... Life begins outside!

Life begins outside

Living outside, meeting outside, barbecuing outside. That is Soto in all its purity. Peter De Clercq selects an exquisite range that elevates outdoor living to an art: from the highest-quality charcoal, gas or electric barbecues, to elegant and high-quality garden furniture, to luxurious garden decoration and everything for an attractively laid table. With its wide range, Soto illustrates how versatile outdoor living can be all year round. At Soto, you can count on the expertise of Peter De Clercq, which not only allows you to choose the barbecue or grill that suits you best, but also to learn how to master the fire like a true barbecue master. Soto gladly invites you to share the passion you experience when entering this establishment with family and friends at home.


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